A 501(c)(3) charity created to ensure the survival of all rhinos. With efforts of talented artists, we aid those involved in securing their future.


The Art of Life

Most conservation groups, but not all, rely on the passion and willingness to help. Oftentimes, those who contribute to a conservation cause are already motivated by their own love of animals. The Horns and Heroes Project's approach is to also reach those who otherwise may not know of the horrible situation rhinos face. We offer a new avenue to an otherwise common fundraising formula. The Horns and Heroes Project promotes a community driven art show and auction that inspires artists, collectors and enthusiasts to become conservationists and leave with the understanding of the future of rhinos.​​

A piece of art, themed after a rhino, is sculpted, molded and cast in fifty or so individual sculptures. Each Identical sculpture is given to an artist to recreate in their own style and vision. Painters, illustrators, special effects make-up artists and photographers, just to name a few, were asked to participate in the event. Casted sculptures are made from roto-cast foam-filled resin.
2016 Art from The Event